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Swan Valley Rabbitry Raising Quality Tri Color Holland Lops

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Litters On The Way & In The Box

Vaughan's Rosebud  X  Bunny Hutches Favre  
Born : Oct. 26,2010
1 opal buck (for sale)~sold~
Hughes Lovebug (b/f tri) X Blue storm's Louis (bkn blue)
Due: Nov. 11, 2010
Booted orange/black tri buck (?)
Orange/black tri doe (keeping)
DTL's Muffin(choc.otter) X Spring Fevers Usher (Black)
Due: Jan. 12, 2011
Chocolate kits expected
Update: 1 lilac otter, 2 chocolate otters
Hughes Lily(o/b tri) X Hughes Timotei(black jap harlie)
Due: Dec. 1, 2010
blue/fawn tri buck (keeping)
Tortoise buck (selling) ~sold~
Bunny Hutches Scarlett(red) X Swan Valley's Malibu
Due: Jan. 7, 2011
Update: 2 black Jap harlies, 1 o/b tri
Let me know if you have an interest in any of the above kits and If I decide to sell any of them you'll be first on the list!
Mini rex Litters
 None at this time...
Polish litters :
April's Willamina(choc.) X Swan Valley's Bogo
Due: Dec. 3, 2010
Update: 2 chocolate, 1 black

Contact info: Jennie Webb (406)210-0967