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Swan Valley Rabbitry Raising Quality Tri Color Holland Lops

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These pups are out of our lovely Lola who is a miniature poodle/jack russell and Shaun a handsome registered Bichon Frise. These pups have all been home raised and are going to be amazing little companions. They adore their humans!


We call this adorable little fellow Bandit. He's the spittin image of his momma in the looks least everything besides the parti coloring! This little guy is a go getter and tough as nails! Looks like he's going to have his momma's hair and she sheds very little. $350


Levi getting Bandit's puppy KISSES!!! :D

We call this precious little lady Pansy. She's as beautiful and unique as a flower! She can certainly take care of herself with her brothers, but she loves her humans and adores attention. She's got her sires luscious Bichon hair with the exciting parti coloring!


Cotton is as dreamy and soft as he looks! He's a total sweetheart, and the chubby  chunk of the bunch. He has his momma's laid back, kind personality. What a darling he is! He looks just like daddy with his beautiful soft Bichon hair and build.


The puppy that is left after the first 2 are chosen is going to my parents. They all have such amazing personalities, and are so exceptional none of us can decide which is the favorite or  the best!!!  I don't think anyone can go wrong choosing any of these babies for their companion!! :-)

Contact info: Jennie Webb (406)210-0967