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Swan Valley Rabbitry Raising Quality Tri Color Holland Lops

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Jimmy's Polish Bunnies

We'd like to present our wonderful little Polish herd!


~Maggie's Minnies Zorro~
Grand Champion Buck (10 G.C legs)
Maggie's Minnies 2 X Hillside's BC
Zorro is an awesome sr. buck out of some excellent stock.. he has produced many awesome babies in both disposition and type! We always look forward to seeing how his babies turn out.

Swan Valley's BoGo NWMF Best in Show !!
Thanks Lawrence and Josh!!!!


~Swan Valley's Jack o' Diamonds~
Rustic's Roca X Zorro
Registered 7 G.C. legs 1 RIS and Breeders choice..
This is a super little typey fellow who has matured into an incredible little sr. He just won his first 2 G.C. legs at the CD'A show winning BOB in both shows! We were very proud of him and his accomplishments!

April's 49er is a handsome BEW buck I purchased with Diva, from April Wright in AK. I am so thrilled with this little fellow, him and Diva complement each other very well. I can't wait to have my first litter of baby BEWS!! I did show 49er this summer, but unfortunately his mother gave him a bobbed tail so he was DQed. Darn, but at least it's not genetic! He'll still make an excellent sire. Watch for his babies out of Crystal and Diva coming soon!  


Ashke's Crystal (G42) is Jimmy's first Polish rabbit.  She is such an outstanding bunny.  She is patient, kind, and excellent in type.  She has 2 G.C. legs and is now taking a break from showing to have some babies. Check out a couple of Crysti's babies on our sale page soon. They are going to be beauties!!


Swan Valley's Zephyr is out of Crystal and Zorro. Our first Polish with our name on her!!  She is very nice in type, nice bold eye and head. She is a very nice little girl. Zephyr was entered in her first show this fall and received her first leg! She beat her daddy 'Zorro' out of Bov! She is maturing beautifully. Update! Zephyr is now registered and Granded! She is going to take a break from showing now to have some babies! Let me know if you may be interested in some of her offspring.


Swan Valley's Zoey is a full sister to Zephyr. They look alot alike with many of the same superb qualities. Zoey beat everyone at the last shows and won 5 jr legs!! I really wanted to show this little gal at convention, but just didn't have the funds to do it this year! I really thinks she'd have been good competition for the rest! This picture doesn't show her off very well, but she really is a super compact, bold headed, animal. We can't wait to show her this winter and spring and get her a Sr. leg so we can Grand her! Watch out for her on the show tables! Newsflash!  Zoey won her sr. leg with a BOV in CD'A!

April's Godiva is a gorgeous BEW doe I was able to purchase from April Wright. I am excited to work with the BEWs! This little doe has a gorgeous head, eye and ear. She's slightly long in the shoulder, but has a excellent full hindquarter. She is currently due to have babies sired by: April's 49er! So keep your eye out for a few new Bew polish!

Rustic's Roca is a beautiful chocolate doe also from Tiffany in Michigan. We were so thrilled with her showing at Convention. She placed 1st of 15!!! Wow! We are so excited to show her this spring too and see what her and Zorro produce for babies as she is carrying the blue genes too.

Contact info: Jennie Webb (406)210-0967