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Swan Valley Rabbitry Raising Quality Tri Color Holland Lops

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Holland Lops FOR SALE

The following Hollands are available for shipment to Indy!


Swan Valley's Dahlia
Swan Valley's Malibu(o/b tri) X Bunny Hutch's Susan(broken blk)
Cute little broken broken black jr doe out of a Bunny Hutch doe with 5 legs including multiple BOV's and a BOB with 36 entries and a beautiful O/B tri buck. Promising little show/brood doe. $75 ON HOLD


 ~ Swan Valley's Flint ~
Swan Valley's Cassanova (bkn black)X Hughes' Summer(orange)
Gorgeous buck out of a Louie son and a beautiful orange doe that carriers the Louie lines also. Awesome width everywhere! Can't wait to use this guy on a few of our nice does. Best of Breed win at his first show as a jr! $150


Swan Valley's Dynamo
KP's Dynamite(black) X Vaughn's Rosebud(bkn blk otter)
 Love the way this guy is maturing! It was a hard decision to choose between this guy and his brother...but this is the one that I finally chose to let go of. Amazing width of shoulder, loin, and hindquarter for his age! Show/brood potential. $100 SOLD


Swan Valley's Whopper
Bunny Hutch's El Dorado(lilac) X DTL's Muffin
Stunning little chocolate jr buck! Beautiful color, short ears and a nice little crown and body coming on! What more can I say!!
$150 SOLD


Swan Valley's Dotz
Orange/black tri
Swan Valley's Malibu(O/B tri) X Bunny Hutchs' Scarlett (red)
Very intense orange on this guy...if you have dilute problems with your tris he can help! Nice heavy pattern with lots of black spots...a little ear control...nice upright buck. Nice bone and width on this guy.


Swan Valley's Dahlilia
Bunny Hutch's El Dorado (lilac) X Hughes' Blossum (broken lynx)
 This solid blue young sr. doe is out of a lilac buck that produces chocolates, so she should carry choc. and could greatly benifit a chocolate program. Beautiful fur, and great color on this gal. She's not a big fan of posing...she has a ton of width...just a tad long in ear...selling as brood as she weighs a couple oz. over 4 and she has a very slight head tilt.  Can transport her to convention...and could be bred to a choc. buck....


~Swan Valley's Jafari~
BlueStorm's Louis X Hughes' Lovebug
Jafari is a cute little heavier patterned tri color  He's got excellent orange intensity that he passes on to his kits, has an adorable little typey body, still a little ear control. Look at those adorable teaspoon ears though!! His kits are very nicely marked tris..

HOLLAND LOP PRICING: Pet/brood quality starting at $25 - up * Show Hollands start at $60-up. Please contact me for more info and pricing on a specific rabbit.

Contact info: Jennie Webb (406)210-0967